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Since the time a divorce or legal separation was finalized and spousal support or alimony was ordered, changes may have occurred in the financial situation of one person or the other. Promotions, pay cuts, job loss or a new job can change a person’s financial needs and resources. If the changes are considerable, a modification can be requested of the court by the person making payments or by the person receiving spousal support. Just as in petitioning for a visitation or child support modification, the change must be significant for the court to consider a petition. A Distinguished Legal Group divorce lawyer can answer your questions and explain the process involved in obtaining a modification.

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In the years or months following a divorce any significant improvement or decrease in the income of either party can make it necessary to revisit an existing support order. The family law court understands that conditions in life do change, especially in financial matters. Grounds for seeking alimony modification include change in marital status, change in income, change in the financial needs of the receiving party, and change in the ability to pay spousal support. You may wish to decrease, increase or end spousal support payments. An experienced family law attorney at our firm will listen carefully to your situation, explain the legal options available to you and can guide you through the petition for modification process.

Each person’s circumstances are unique. In any petition for modification you need a skilled divorce lawyer who can aggressively represent your interests and communicate your needs to the court. Call Distinguished Legal Group, APC to schedule a time to discuss your family law case and get answers to your questions.

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