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Domestic Violence and California Law

People most commonly think of physical abuse when they domestic violencehear the term domestic violence. Domestic violence can be acted out in many ways. Legally, abuse includes mental or physical mistreatment of a person that can result in serious mental, emotional, physical and/or sexual injury. This can include, in addition to physical abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, economic abuse, threats, stalking and even “cyber stalking.” Domestic violence is not just abuse committed on a spouse or child but, according to the California Family Code, it can include abuse committed on a girlfriend or person living in the household as well. If you or your children have been the victim of domestic violence, you need legal services. Whether you are married or not, we advise you to immediately contact a Distinguished Legal Group divorce attorney at Distinguished Legal Group, APC.

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When a child has been involved in any way in a domestic son hugging dadviolence situation, it is especially important that you get legal help from our firm. Child custody and visitation rights will be reviewed by the court immediately to ensure protection from any further abuse. If your child is abused by a spouse or former spouse, and you do not take any action, you can lose custody. Domestic violence is a serious issue and should not be neglected. In some cases it may be necessary to prevent contact completely. In this case, a restraining order may be necessary. A restraining order is a legal order from the court that prevents further contact to protect you and your family. We will act quickly to get such an order for you if there is a need for it.

If you feel you have been falsely accused of domestic violence or you are unjustly under a restraining order, seek legal counsel from us. We have the knowledge and experience to help. Finally, if you acknowledge you have or may have crossed a line in the treatment of your former or current spouse or relatives we can support you in minimizing your damage and creating a path towards moving forward as amicable co-parents.

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