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Family law issues including spousal support/alimony, child custody disputes, restraining orders, parent relocation and visitation often require immediate attention for the well-being of all members of the family. Our caring attorneys and staff have the knowledge and understanding needed to provide you the expert legal representation you deserve in any of the following familial issues or situations.divorce court

Divorce: A divorce or dissolution of marriage occurs when one of the two marriage partners decides he or she no longer wants to be married and files a request of the court to return each to the status of an unmarried person. Almost all divorces in California are granted when the partners are unable to continue a harmonious relationship or due to irreconcilable differences. Read more about divorce.

Legal Separation: A legal separation is the filing of a lawsuit which gives the court the power to decide on any and all issues related to your marriage. A legal separation differs greatly from a divorce. For instance, it must be agreed to by both spouses and, most importantly, a legal separation will not allow the spouses to remarry in the future. Click here to learn more about legal separation.

Mediation of matters in a divorce such as child custody, visitation, child support, as well as spousal support, provides couples dissolving a marriage the opportunity to resolve these important issues without resorting to the court. Couples who wish to avoid the cost of divorce litigation and who wish to keep divorce matters private will find mediators at our firm experienced in assisting you in your efforts to achieve the best possible outcome for your family. Read more about mediation.

Child Custody: Resolving child custody child-custodyquestions in a divorce case will likely be an emotional period for each member of a family. Our firm offers expert, caring mediation services to divorcing couples in order to resolve these issues in an amicable manner without court intervention. When agreement cannot be reached, we will stand by you to successfully resolve child custody in court. Click here to learn more about child custody.

Child Custody Modifications: Once a court dissolves a marriage, it usually prefers not to address modifications to the divorce or legal separation decree. Judges do understand, however, when substantial changes in circumstances occur that affect child custody and, therefore, his or her well -being, they will need to be addressed. Read more about child custody modifications.

Child Support: In California, as in most states, the law grants a child the right to support from his or her parents, married or not. Determining the amount of support a parent will pay involves various calculations that take into account factors such as parents’ income, the cost of health care, number of children in the family, and the amount of time spent with each parent. Click here to learn more about child support.

Modifications to Child Support: When a parent experiences a significant change in his or her ability to provide support, such as a termination, lay-off or a promotion, a modification to the child support agreement should be made with the court. Attorneys at Distinguished Legal Group, APC, are very familiar with this and other modification issues affecting the support of the children after divorce. Read more about modifications to child support.

Spousal Support/Alimony: Spousal support or alimony is child-supportoften a key issue in a divorce case, sometimes one of the most difficult to get resolved. Couples can seek mediation of a spousal support agreement or let the court decide in litigation. In all cases, courts attempt to help divorcing couples maintain the standard of living that was enjoyed during the marriage until the spouse requesting support is self-sufficient. Our firm will discuss whether you qualify for support and how state law could affect this critical issue. Read more about spousal support/alimony.

Alimony Modifications: A post-decree modification of spousal support may be needed when the capacity of the supported spouse to earn income changes. Circumstances can change rapidly after a divorce, including those affecting the need for alimony. No matter what type of change, a Board Certified Family Specialist from Distinguished Legal Group may be able to assist you immediately. Read more about alimony modifications.

Property Division: An experienced divorce attorney can negotiate regarding the distribution of their assets and liabilities. Whether you and your spouse will use mediation services, seek a legal separation or believe you will need to go to court to resolve your case, you will need to resolve the matter of property division. Critical issues such as this must be resolved in a divorce and could greatly impact your future financial health. Read more about property division.

Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements: Legally binding and well-prepared marital agreements can actually help build and sustain a marriage. Good planning before and after taking your vows regarding property, insurance benefits and other issues can help you both create the positive future you wish for your marriage. Click here to learn more about prenuptiual and post nuptial agreements.

Relocation: Changes in circumstances after parties have separated may precipitate one or both parents relocating to another city or state. In these cases a child custody modification will be needed. Relocating without the other parent’s agreement or without the approval of the court can have very serious consequences. In all cases, the court’s main concern is to assure the safety and welfare of the child and to maintain frequent contact with both parents through visitation. Read more about relocation.

Visitation: Visitation can be one of the most highly charged aspects of dissolving a marriage or co-parenting, while you are apart. A parent seeking visitation with his or her child following a divorce, legal separation or break-up is best served by a Certified Family Law Specialist who will work with you in this difficult time and fight for your rights. For sound advice and supportive assistance, read more about visitation.

Paternity: When parents of a child are not married at the time a child is born, paternity will need to be established if the mother needs to get child support from the father. Reversely, this is a problem for the father if he wants visitation rights but the mother denies he is the father. Distinguished Legal Group, APC can assist a mother or a father who wishes to establish paternity and obtain all rights and responsibilities of being a legal parent. Read more about paternity.

Domestic Violence: Domestic violence takes many forms. In addition to physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional and even financial abuse or threats that harm a domestic partner, ex-spouse, child, elder, a boyfriend or a girlfriend, are all considered domestic violence. Click here to learn more on what you can do about domestic violence.

Restraining Orders: A restraining-orderdomestic violence restraining order is a civil order that protects you from abuse from an intimate partner or family member. There are several types of orders restraining acts of domestic violence that apply to different sets of circumstances. It is important to get legal help from a Distinguished Legal Group family lawyer who will act quickly to get you the protection available under the law. It is vital to your continued well-being and that of any children in your care that you are safe from harm. Click here to learn more about restraining orders.

Any divorce, legal separation or child custody dispute marks a turning point in the lives of all family members. While most of us work hard to keep our vows and promises to our spouses or partners and to see that our children lead healthy and happy lives, it can happen that our best efforts are not enough and the marriage fails. In these circumstances, it is vital to seek the advice and counsel of caring, professional divorce attorneys skilled in every aspect of family law.

When you are in need of assistance on a family-related legal women counsellingissue, whether you are a parent, spouse, child, unmarried couple or same-sex partner, a certified family law specialist at Distinguished Legal Group, APC, can provide the guidance you need. The areas we serve include Los Angels, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties!

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