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Abuse in any form, whether it is physical, sexual, mental or restraining orderemotional, can cause serious injury to family or household members. There can even be economic abuse. It is against the law. It should not be ignored. A court has the power to order someone in violation of the laws concerning these acts to have no further contact with his or her victims for a period of time. This order must be complied with or the violator can be arrested and jailed in order to protect those he or she has abused. This is what a restraining order is. It is sometimes called a protection order. If you, your child or anyone living in your home has been the victim of domestic violence, your rights have been violated and you need to contact a Distinguished Legal Group divorce lawyer immediately and get help to protect yourself and your child.

Types of Restraining Orders

There are different types of restraining orders that can be lawyerissued, determined by the specific details of your situation. A court may issue a temporary restraining order or TRO. A TRO is normally issued for a number of hours or days to protect possible victims until further evidence can be heard by the court. The order can also be permanent. This would be determined after the person being charged has had the opportunity to present evidence in a hearing. No matter your circumstances, if you are currently under a restraining order and would like to petition to have it lifted; or, if you believe someone should rightfully be placed under a restraining order to prevent harm to someone you love, we urge to you to get help from our experienced and knowledgeable attorney. We will move forward immediately to help you get the necessary protection available under the law.

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