Modifications to Child Support

Modifications to Child Support

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After a final decree has been issued by the court, changing holding handscircumstances could lead to the need for a modification to the existing order. A couple with one or more small children may find it necessary to revisit matters covered in the final decree as time goes on and changes occur. A change to an existing court order must be modified in court or it will not be valid. There can be any number of changes which occur in the lives of the parents or the children which cause one or the other to seek alimony modifications, child custody modification, or to modify child support. If you have an existing child support order which requires modification, you should discuss the matter with a Distinguished Legal Group divorce attorney to find out more about this process as it applies to you and your child’s situation.

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Some parents are legally obligated to make an unmanageable child support payment based on incorrect information in an earlier court proceeding. Some have experienced a diminished income or an increase in obligations which makes the current court-ordered amount impossible. 

The court is aware that circumstances can change and will woman walking in cityconsider a modification if the amount of change is significant. Changes such as health issues, change in the medical or educational needs of a child, involuntary job change, job loss, reduced pay, additional children to support or a child becomes self-supporting or emancipated can be reason to seek a modification. It is important to take action before your situation becomes desperate. Working with an experienced family law lawyer can help you obtain the relief you need.

If you are in danger of building a backlog of child support payments, don’t wait any longer to take steps to remedy the situation. The penalties for growing arrearages can include interest, wage garnishment, business license or driver’s license suspension and other sanctions. We understand how stressful unmanageable financial situations can be. A family law attorney at our firm is prepared to work to assist you to be in a better position. Call Distinguished Legal Group, APC for an affordable initial consultation.

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