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The word paternity is used in a legal sense to refer to the subject of determining the biological father of a child. When paternity is called into question, it is advisable to contact a Distinguished Legal Group family lawyer – even if you are not married. Whether you are a parent seeking child support to adequately care for your child, or a parent not primarily residing with your child and wishing to exercise your parental rights, our law firm can help you. We will fight for you and your child in your paternity case. We have many years of experience in family law and we will work hard to give you the legal guidance and expertise we have gained, while still being affordable for you. We care about the welfare of your children.

Resolving Paternity Legal Issues in Distinguished Legal Group

If there is any doubt as to the paternity of your child, there are many reasons to resolve this legally. First and foremost, a child has the right to know who his/her father is. No one wants to go through life with that mystery hanging over them. Child custody, visitation rights and child support cannot be determined without certainty of paternity. These are all legal issues and you want a lawyer on your side to resolve these.

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In addition, knowing the health conditions and medical history of a parent is essential information to forward the health of the child now and in later years. These same factors can affect health insurance and life insurance for the adult child. Resolving the paternity of the child and removing the mystery will be a great benefit to the health of your child. No matter your circumstances and which side of the paternity question you are on, we are experienced with all aspects and we will do our best to reach the optimum outcome for you.

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