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Mediation of Disputes in Divorce and Legal Separation

Issues which must be settled in solitary tree divorce and legal separations are often emotionally charged and sensitive areas. Achieving agreements which are acceptable to both parties can be very difficult and stressful on both parents and children. Discussions of issues such as property division, child custody, and spousal support or alimony can lead to harsh words and worsen an already tense situation. Some attorneys will make matters even more difficult and costly by failing to negotiate successfully. A Distinguished Legal Group divorce attorney at our firm offers the economical alternative of mediation to help couples resolve disputes in a neutral setting and provides the legal advice needed to make informed decisions.

Mediation Lawyer serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Distinguished Legal Group, APC has successfully provided stairs in spacemediation services to numerous couples as an alternative method of dispute resolution. In mediation you and your spouse are helped by the mediator to understand the legal points involved, look at an issue objectively and arrive at an agreement in which both of your interests are addressed. Couples who elect to enter into voluntary mediation have the satisfaction of having achieved agreements while keeping their relationship intact which is especially important where children are involved. 

Mediation is far less expensive and takes far less time than the usual practice of each spouse hiring a separate attorney. Your discussions and personal information remain confidential. The only information made known to the court is the final agreement. A mediation lawyer at our firm is skilled in assisting couple to achieve amicable resolutions in child custody, child support, alimony, debt division and asset division and other family law matters.

Most couples find mediation allows them to tailor solutions unique to their family’s needs and goals. They appreciate the ability to remain in control of the process with the help and guidance of a neutral third party. To discuss the possibility of resolving any issues through mediation with an experienced divorce lawyer in a low-cost, initial consultation. Call for an appointment.

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