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Developing a parenting plan (custody and visitation) can be a stressful matter. Child custody and property division are two issues which are often contested in a divorce or legal separation action. Experience has shown that when couples work out a parenting plan by agreeing on what is best for the children and takes into account everyone’s scheduled activities, it will prove more workable for both parents and children.

Parenting plans generally have to be very detailed in order to avoid later misunderstandings. To gain a good understanding of what the court will look for in your parenting plan talk to a Distinguished Legal Group divorce attorney with years of experience in resolving custody and visitation issues.

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Children who enjoy a loving and constant relationship with their parents are more likely to mature into stable, independent and loving adults.single mom with kids The family law court encourages custody and visitation agreements which nurture a strong bond between the child and both parents and prefers to see parents agree to share physical and legal custody where possible.

Legal custody concerns the making of the important decisions concerning health care, education and welfare. Physical custody is concerned with where the child will reside, including visitation orders. Our firm offers our clients guidance in developing a parenting plan which will meet the requirements of the court as well as the needs of children and parents. A child custody lawyer at our firm is prepared to work with you to help you protect the best interest of your child.

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With the goal of keeping children as protected as possible from the emotional stresses of the initial separation between the parents and in life after the final decree, for parents who cannot reach an agreement on visitation, physical custody or legal custody on their own, mediation is available.

Where agreement on custody is not possible, a divorce lawyer at our firm is ready to fight aggressively in court when this is the option that is determined to best serve your interests and objectives. Call Distinguished Legal Group, APC for a low-cost initial consultation on any family law matter.

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